A concept rooted in ancestry, of the Hills is my romantic interpretation of the Dutch surname I inherited from my paternal grandfather: ter Horst.

My grandfather, the late Jerald ter Horst, introduced me to handmade craft from a young age, organizing family reunions around annual craft fairs in the mountains of the southeast and flooding the holidays with gifts in the form of unique dolls, scarves, purses, and jewelry.

As a child, the notion was often lost on me but as I matured I became aware of the magic connections I had forged with these crafted items as a child, many of which have lasted the test of time and have earned their places amongst some of my most cherished possession, remaining with me through decades of cross-country moves and the ever-intensifying purging of excess belongings.


...the magic connections I forged with these crafted items...

Emma Drusy.png

From my first taste of the entrepreneurial spirit selling friendship bracelets to the moms in my subdivision in rural Georgia to supplying rave kids in the early aughts with faux fur purses in my Los Angele high school to dabbling in costume and fashion design during my college years in the Appalachian mountains, my journey through creativity is a vast and ever-evolving one, and crafting signature pieces of jewelry has been a constant throughout.

As one of humanity's oldest forms of adornment, I am drawn to the practice in a ritual and symbolic context, and working one-on-one with someone to make a piece that encapsulates a strength or a message